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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you provide Return Policy?

Yes we have 7 days return policy with valid reason and we also provide payments refunds or exchange the item if you want. You can read more about our return policy by visiting the page.

How long do I get support?

For our services we provide support up to 1 year or for 1 month it depends upon which package you have purchased.

Do I need to renew my packages?

It's optional if you want more services from us then you can renew our packages if you want to cancel then it up to you.

How Can I Track My Orders & Payment?

Yes you can track your order by giving order number and phone number in your My Account page. You can also track your payments which you have done

How Do I Cancel My Orders Before I Make A Payment?

Once your order is shipped then you cannot cancel your order. Before your order proceed you can cancel your order.

How Do You Ship My Orders?

We ship your orders through Leopards Courier who are our official shipping partners to all over Pakistan.
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