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iThemesSync Coupon Code 2023
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iThemesSync Coupon Code 2023

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Manage updates (and much more!) for your WordPress websites all in one place. Save time logging in to multiple websites to perform WordPress admin tasks.

Features of iThemesSync

  • One-click WordPress Updates
  • WordPress Uptime Monitoring
  • SEO Checker + Google Analytics & Google Search Console Reports
  • WordPress Theme & Plugin Manager
  • Remote WordPress Backups & WordPress Security Actions
  • Customize the WordPress Dashboard for Clients
  • Perform WordPress Admin Actions Remotely
  • Summarize Update Actions to WordPress Core, Themes & Plugins + More Website Stats
  • Email Beautiful, Interactive HTML Reports to Clients
  • White-label Report Emails
  • Schedule Reports to Automatically Run & Deliver Report Emails
  • SEO Reporting

iThemes Sync is designed to help you manage and maintain all your WordPress websites in one place to save you time and hassle. Instead of logging in to multiple websites, you have one central dashboard to perform WordPress admin tasks.

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