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BackupBuddy Coupon Code 2023

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Your backup solution needs four components to be successful. Some backup solutions cover some but not all, leaving your
website vulnerable. BackupBuddy covers all four backup elements in one single plugin.

Features of BackupBuddy

  • Complete WordPress Website Backup
  • Scheduled, Automatic Backups
  • Store WordPress Backups off-site
  • Restore Your WordPress Site
  • Customizable Backup Contents
  • Downloadable Backup Zip Files
  • Store Backup Files Remotely
  • Instant Email Notifications
  • Restore WordPress with ImportBuddy

BackupBuddy’s WordPress backup and restore feature is quick and simple. Simply upload the ImportBuddy file and your backup zip file, and ImportBuddy will walk you through the steps to restore your entire WordPress website, including your content, themes, plugins, widgets and everything else.

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